What we do

One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is to make cities and towns that are creative, sustainable, and culturally inclusive and diverse. In approaching this challenge we focus on increasing the benefits of media and the arts to cities and towns, working with citizens, organizations, government, and businesses to increase the contribution of media and the arts to the urban economy, society, and everyday life. Our work takes several forms:

Media and cultural industries analysis
– Sectoral analysis
– Audience analysis
– Competitor analysis
– Data visualization and cartography
– Media trend spotting and interpretation

Creative cities advising
– Analyzing and advising on creative cities and the cultural economy
– Advising on urban design and planning projects involving media and the arts
– Critical place-making, historical research, site analysis

Cultural programming
– Film festival and cultural event programming for cities and towns
– Designing urban art and media installations
– Developing urban history and heritage projects for museums and cultural venues

– Advocacy for media organizations and arts and cultural agencies
– Lobbying national, regional, county, and city governments and policymakers 

– Writing, editing, and reviewing grant applications, business cases, and project proposals

Media creation
– Producing and distributing documentary, educational, and public information films about cities and the built environment