Media urbanism is…

media urbanism =
media + urbanism, or urbanism + media

Each can benefit the other, and they have been doing so for generations. But it takes knowledge and skill to make it happen.

Definitions (Oxford English Dictionary)

“a means of mass communication” or “a physical object used for the storage of data”; also plural of medium, “any raw material or mode of expression used in an artistic or creative activity”
“urban life or character; also urban development and planning”

Media urbanism encompasses a broad range of subjects and activities at the intersection of two fields – media and cities:

  • The planning, development, and analysis of film, television, animation or video game studios in urban settings and urban economies
  • The business, logistics, and creativity of location filming in cities and towns
  • Digital imagery of the built environment in movies, video games, websites, social media, or software
  • Public policy in media, the arts and culture and their contribution to city growth
  • Creative communities and networks (filmmakers, designers, artists) within and between cities
  • Media distribution, exhibition and audiences in cities, suburbs, and towns (movie theaters, television, video streaming)
  • Temporary or permanent media and artistic interventions in the cityscape (museums, galleries, movie theaters, pop-up cinemas, audio-visual installations)
  • Development of audio-visual technology designed for cities (geo-location apps, interactive mapping, AR/VR experiences of cities and their heritage)