Our ethos

MediaUrbanism is a forward-looking, solutions-oriented company, focused on growing and improving the interaction of media, the arts, and cities.

  • We are client centered, offering a wealth of specialized expertise but responsive to the distinctive needs of each project and its people.
  • We are multi-disciplinary, thinking across boundaries and skillsets to integrate varying ideas and practices, often counter-intuitively.
  • We admire creative cities and place-making for enriching everyday life, productivity, and social cohesion.
  • We believe in public space and human interaction in the street.
  • We consider citizens and communities of all kinds in our work because equality, diversity and inclusion make better cities, media, and art.
  • We are international, championing transatlantic and global values, mobility, and exchange.
  • We are sustainable, seeking growth and innovation, but ecologically, through carbon-neutral or carbon-negative proposals

Reach out with your current project or plan and we’ll explain how MediaUrbanism can help you reach your goals.